Upgrade Living

With a lot of experience and a diverse range of expertise, our studio has excellence in the field. We bring a dynamic passion to design, showcasing our primary specialty in the captivating realm of Italian interior design.

As a comprehensive interior architecture agency, Upgrade Living offers bespoke solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. From the meticulous renovation and construction of kitchens, bathrooms, and custom furniture to the seamless integration of lighting, acoustics, sound, and security, we redefine your living spaces with ingenuity.

At Upgrade Living, we don’t just design spaces; we curate experiences. Our commitment to bold interior designs sets us apart, ensuring that each project exudes innovation and style. From avant-garde concepts to timeless elegance, our studio transcends boundaries to bring your design visions to life with flair and finesse.

Our Services

We always start a project with a meeting at our studio or in your home. Together with you, we discuss your dreams and what we can help you with. To give you an idea of what we can do, see some of our services below.

  • Complete interior design concepts
  • Floor plans and bespoke furniture
  • 2D and 3D drawings
  • Interior design for both indoor and outdoor
  • Colors and materials of all surfaces
  • Textiles such as curtains and rugs
  • Delivery with carrying, assembly, and removal of old furniture

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